"...Music that saunters mysteriously up to the listener with a steady cool, hands over a charming treat, then walks away with equal cool." 

Skope Magazine

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"Sand Machine doesn’t sound like anyone in the city...there’s something strange and fresh about Sand Machine's sound."

Christopher Blagg, The Boston Herald

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"…This is music with a brain, music with heart - most of all music that will draw you in and hold your attention in a myriad of ways, and that will leave you glad you took the time to listen...Sand Machine are something fresh and interesting in a world filled with imitators and duplicators."

Brian Mosher, Askew Reviews

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"That these guys can play as well as they do and still stay out of each others way is another feat... Lyrical strengths abound. I think what I like best about Sand Machine is they’re different enough to remain interesting without going too far into left field...Every track is an accomplishment in song craft as music, lyrics, and vocal approach provide a tapestry of oddball humor and damn good roots rock."

Skope Magazine Online

"...To put it simply, there is plenty to like here."

The Noise

"You just get the feeling...that things will be alright as you ride the lazy, swinging chord progressions that Sand Machine has put together for your audio pleasure—tasteful arrangements that would sound great pumping out of your stereo on Friday after a hard work week."

The Noise

"With a powerful arsenal of songs, a respectable history, and a new CD out, Sand Machine seems poised to take on the industry. This pop-meets-melancholy sound might be too scattered a range for a less experienced group, but Sand Machine tackles their breath of expression with passion and skill."

Darlington Howland

InSite Magazine

"Sand Machine is definitely on to something. They're unique without being too weird. If they can even top what they released last time, there won't be any way to stop this band from achieving whatever goals it sets for its future."

Bill Copeland, Skope Magazine Online

This is some great rootsy rock/ alt-country from right here. Sand Machine has gone back into the sonic archive to dredge the eerie sounds of The Band, early Neil Young, and Goat’s Head Soup/ Exile-era Rolling Stones to make this down home recording under the guiding hand of Sir David Minehan. One listen will take you back to simpler times where everyone drove a pickup, listened to Willie Nelson (and liked it!) and drank lemonade on a hot day. Hopefully the band’s unpcoming full length will take that simple pleasure to a higher level.

The Noise

Bring back the harmonies! Vocals used to be more predominant. Now, it isn't necessarily a prerequisite to be able to sing to even front a band. And harmonies? They're out there, but don't play a vital role in the pop song the way they used to. The band Sand Machine thinks they're important, too. Raised on The Beatles, The Band and Neil Young (OK, he doesn't really make one think of "good singing"), this trio[sic] is often considered a '60s throwback because of its jangly guitars and strong vocal blends ... its songwriting style could be called "articulate pop," throw-back song structures mixed with quirky phrasing and clean guitars.

Charlene Arsenault, Worcester Magazine