6/26/99    The Krazy Klam, Old Orchard Beach, ME                    

7/16/99    InsideOut /Soul Festival, Loon Mt. NH                    

8/13/99    Midway Café, Jamaica Plain, MA                    

8/29/99    Freshman Orientation, ENC, Quincy, MA                    

10/2/99    Bethel Nazarene Church, Quincy, MA, It Goes with Anything CD release show

10/15/99    Ground Zero Coffeehouse, Cambridge, MA                    

10/22/99    Daniel's Den, Clark Mills, NY                    

10/23/99    Teen Coffeehouse, New Hartford, NY                    

10/24/99    Kingston Corps, NY                    

10/27/99    Midway Café, Jamaica Plain, MA                    

11/5/99    Central Coffeehouse, Holden, MA                    

11/27/99    Carpenter’s Workshop, Auburn, MA        

12/4/99    Bethany Church of the Nazarene, Rumford, RI        

12/18/99    The Fringe Stage, Marlboro, MA


1/21/00     Cafe Eclipse, Concord, NH w/ Say ZuZu                    

2/08/00    T.T. the Bear’s, Cambridge, MA                    

2/16/00     Eastern Nazarene College, Quincy, MA w/ Jordan’s Wake                

2/25/00      The Common Ground, Allston, MA w/ 18 Abbey                    

3/04/00      The Fire Escape, Salem, NH                    

3/08/00     The Kirkland Cafe, Somerville, MA w/ Segue, Search Engine                

3/17/00     Cafe Eclipse, Concord, NH w/ Purge DI, Jordan’s Wake                    

3/26/00      Midway Cafe, Jamaica Plain, MA                    

4/11/00     T.T. the Bear’s, w/ Style 17, Buzz Mingler, The Modeles            

4/28/00      Center Coffeehouse, Holden, MA                    

4/29/00     Londonderry Nazarene, NH w/ Jordan’s Wake                    

5/19/00      Ground Zero Coffeehouse, Cambridge, MA                    

5/22/00      The Middle East, Cambridge, MA w/ Kid Tested, Hurricane Jane                

5/25/00      The Banshee, Dorchester, MA                    

6/10/00      Woburn Congregational, Woburn, MA                    

6/14/00     Wallaby’s, Haverhill, MA w/ X15, Buzz Mingler                    

6/22/00      The Kirkland Cafe,  w/ Dr. Awkward, Shady Neighbors            

7/05/00     O’Brien’s, Allston, MA w/ Pony, The Modeles                    

7/11/00      Sky Bar, Somerville, MA w/ Nimmer, One Elle                    

7/12/00      Jehovah Java, New London, CT                    

7/27/00      The Sea Note, Nantasket Beach w/ Pony, Jordan’s Wake                

7/29/00      Wallaby’s, Haverhill, MA w/ A St., X15                    

8/10/00      The Pier, Old Orchard Beach, ME                    

8/11/00      The Pier, Old Orchard Beach, ME                    

8/17/00      Sky Bar, Somerville, MA w/ Fools Rush In, Troy                    

8/19/00      Carpenter’s Workshop, Auburn, MA                    

8/22/00      T.T. the Bear’s w/ Boatyard Resin, Hideous Playthings        

8/26/00      Wallaby’s, Haverhill, MA w/ Buzz Mingler                    

9/23/00     The Great Scott, Allston, MA w/ Fools Rush In, Feedback                

10/13/00      The Beachcomber, Quincy, MA w/ Velvet Jones                    

11/17/00      Sky Bar, w/ Fools Rush In, Cautions, The Halogens            

12/9/00     Sky Bar, w/ Decals, AM Stereo, The Silent Goodbye


1/05/01     Bill’s Bar, Boston, MA w/ 520s                                                              

1/25/01      TT the Bear’s, w/ Tracey Husky, Tricycle, and Cloud Art        

2/09/01     Fire Escape, Bellingham, MA w/ Jordan’s Wake                

2/24/01      Sky Bar, Somerville, MA w/ Apartment 3, Primrose Path                

3/17/01     Benefit for The Salvation Army, Quincy, MA                    

4/20/01      Sky Bar, Somerville, MA w/ Averi, Prime Rib, Jaded Salingers            

5/10/01      O’Brien’s, Allston, MA w/ Zippergirl, Chilly Kurtz, Chris   Mascara            

5/12/01     Keon’s, Haverhill, MA w/ Buxton                    

5/25/01     Laura Brown’s wedding reception, RI                    

5/26/01     Eastern Nazarene College, Quincy, MA w/ Jordan’s Wake                

6/09/01      JJ’s Oasis, Newport, RI w/ The Modeles                    

6/15/01      Tom’s River Salvation Army, Tom’s River, NJ                    

7/06/01     Sky Bar, Somerville, MA w/ The Fuss, Amusia, Local Radio            

7/13/01      Dry Dock, Nantasket Beach, Hull, MA                    

7/14/01      Burning Bush Coffeehouse, Falmouth, MA                    

8/03/01      Sky Bar, Somerville, MA w/ Boatyard Resin, The Fuss                

8/25/01      Douglaspalooza, Douglas, MA                    

8/31/01     New Wave Cafe, New Bedford, MA                    

9/15/01     Shooter's, Exeter, NH w/The Roadies                    

10/13/01     Sky Bar, Somerville, MA w/ 84 West, Dancing Davids                                

10/27/01      The Beachcomber, Quincy, MA w/ Firefly, Blue Moon Harem

10/27/01      Burning Bush Coffeehouse, Falmouth, MA    

11/07/01      Guido's, Nashville, TN w/ Jordan's Wake                    

11/09/01      Hickory Run, Hendersonville, TN - Jordan's Wake CD release        

11/17/01      The Claddagh Pub, Lawrence, MA w/ The Roadies                

11/29/01     Showa University of Boston, Jamaica Plain, MA                

12/08/01      Hideaway Pub, 20 Concord Lane, Cambridge MA w/ 84 West            

12/20/01       Kirkland Café, Somerville, MA


1/19/02       Sky Bar, Somerville, MA w/ 84 West, Article One, KellyBuchanon

2/5/02     Kirkland Café, Somerville, MA w/Mickey Bliss Org., Rex Bell, American Girls Club

2/15/02     Le Bec Rouge, Hampton, NH w/ The Roadies

3/1/02     Sky Bar, Somerville, MA w/Maries’ Children, Love Drops, Superslomotion

3/7/02     The Banshee, Dorchester, MA

3/14/02     The Banshee, Dorchester, MA

3/17/02    The Banshee, Dorchester, MA (St. Patty’s Day)                                                  

3/21/02    The Banshee, Dorchester, MA        

3/28/02    Lowell Brewery Mill, Lowell, MA w/ American Girls Club 

4/8/02    Murphy’s, Quincy, MA

4/23/02    Massachusetts Communications College, Boston, MA

5/31/02    Sky Bar, Somerville, MA

6/8/02    All-Asia Café, Cambridge, MA

6/12/02    Showa University, Jamaica Plain, MA

7/12/02    The Banshee, Dorchester, MA

7/19/02    Sky Bar, Somerville, MA w/ Boatyard Resin

7/20/02    The Kirkland Café, Somerville, MA w/ American Girls Club

7/23/02    The Kendall Café, Cambridge, MA w/ Blue Grazer

8/01/02    The Banshee, Dorchester, MA

8/10/02    Lizard Lounge, Cambridge, MA w/Shelley Winter’s Project, Modeles

8/12/02    Abbey Lounge, Somerville, MA w/ Hip Tanaka

8/16/02    Sky Bar, Somerville, MA w/Dr. Awkward, Goodfoot  

9/14/02    Elm St. Theatre, Somerville, MA w/ American Girls Club

10/3/02    The Banshee, Dorchester, MA

10/4/02    Jacque’s, Boston, MA w/ The Collisions

10/15/02    The Gallery, Bridgewater, MA w/ Firefly

10/24/02    The Banshee, Dorchester, MA

10/25/02    ENC student center aud., Quincy, MA w/ Jordan’s Wake

11/8/02    Lizard Lounge, Cambridge, MA The Difference Is CD release show w/ American Girls Club, The Modele’s, Buxton

11/21/02    The Banshee, Dorchester, MA

12/6/02    The Charles Playhouse, Boston, MA w/ Jeff Harris

12/19/02    The Banshee, Dorchester, MA


1/4/03    The Middle East Downstairs, Cambridge, MA w/ The Troubadours, Big Toe, and The Chris Canty Band

1/23/03    The Milky Way, Jamaica Plain, MA w/ Buxton, Stolen Bike Crusade

2/7/03     The Playhouse Lounge, Boston, MA w/American Girls Club

2/22/03     The Office, Whitman, MA w/ Lucky Ed

2/28/03    Linwood, Boston, MA w/ Hip Tanaka and Where's Holden

3/8/03     Blue Mermaid, Portsmouth, NH w/Turtlebone

3/15/03     Lizard Lounge, Cambridge, MA w/American Girls Club, Valeze and Betty Finn

3/16/03     The Banshee, Dorchester, MA 

3/17/03     The Banshee, Dorchester, MA

3/27/03     The Banshee, Dorchester, MA

4/4/03     The Playhouse Lounge, Boston, MA    

4/17/03     Coat of Arms, Portsmouth, NH w/Turtlebone

5/02/03     The Middle East Downstairs, Cambridge, MA w/American Girls Club, Cancer to the Stars and Violet Nine

5/08/03     The Banshee, Dorchester, MA

5/30/03     Zeitgeist Gallery, Cambridge, MA w/ Shelley Winters Project

6/18/03    Harper’s Ferry, Allston, MA w/ Chris Canty Band

6/22/03    Mancini Memorial Benefit, Newport, RI

7/11/03    PA’s Lounge, Somerville, MA w/ Safari Attack, Turtlebone, The Verge

7/25/03    Lizard Lounge, Cambridge, MA w/ Shelley Winters Project, The Collisions

8/23/03    Middle East Downstairs, Cambridge, MA w/ American Girls Club, Big Toe, The So and So’s

9/06/03    Summerfest, The Century Lounge, Providence, RI w/Floodwaters, Shelly Winters Project

9/27/03    Bill's Bar, Boston, MA w/The Modeles, Sudden Ease and Araby

10/11/03    Lizard Lounge, Cambridge MA Jeff Harris CD Release w/Kelly Buchanan

10/25/03    The Playhouse Lounge, Boston, MA w/ Passenger

11/07/03    The Banshee, Dorchester, MA.

11/29/03    O’Donnell’s Tavern, Bedford, NH. w/ Turtlebone


1/09/04    Middle East Downstairs, Cambridge, MA. W/ The Troubadours, Medicine Line, The Upwelling

1/15/04    “’Last Waltz” at Lizard Lounge, Cambridge, MA. w/ Woodpile

2/6/04    T.T. the Bear’s, Cambridge, MA w/ American Girls Club, Fever Monument

2/9/04    An Tain, Boston, MA (Jay and Dave acoustic) w/ Leo Blais

3/20/04    Lizard Lounge, Cambridge, MA w/ The Modele’s, The Ease, Turtlebone

3/27/04    Century Lounge, Providence, RI w/ Floodwaters

4/22/04    Blue Sky Court, Nashville, TN w/ The Ease, Nu Planet

4/23/04    Wall Street, Murfreesboro, TN w/ The Ease           

5/2/04    Walk For Hunger, Cambridge, MA

5/21/04    Middle East Downstairs, Cambridge w/ Local Radio, Lost Trailers

6/18/04    Lizard Lounge, Cambridge, MA w/ Shiner Jones, The Gulf

6/19/04    O’Donnell’s Tavern, Bedford, NH w/ Turtlebone

7/2/04    PA’s Lounge, Somerville, MA w/ Turtlebone, Buxton, The Verge

7/10/04    Troutbeck Resort, Amenia, NY, Emmett & Danielle’s wedding                                     

7/29/04    Boston Tea Party II, Milky Way, Jamaica Plain w/ Twinemen, Rick Berlin, Collisions, Concrete Blonde

7/31/04    Hop Jam, Hopkinton, MA (Jay & Dave) w/ Shiner Jones, goh

8/14/04    Blue Mermaid, Portsmouth, NH w/ Turtlebone

8/20/04    Middle East Upstairs, Cambridge, MA w/ Pickups, Grubstake, Caged Heat

8/29/04    Pitt University, Pittsburgh, PA w/ Soulpatch

10/14/04    Harper’s Ferry, Alston, MA w/ Labb, Innate

10/16/04    2nd Cycles Annual Bash, Boar’s Head Tavern, Louden, NH w/ Turtlebone

11/19/04    Blue Mermaid, Portsmouth, NH w/Turtlebone, Great American

12/10/04    Middle East Downstairs, Cambridge, MA w/ Big Toe, Lemonstone, PCR

12/18/04    Piano’s, New York, NY w/ Passenger, Saintface, Nova Social


1/21/05    Milky Way, Jamaica Plain, MA w/Shiner Jones, Big Toe

3/12/05    Lizard Lounge w/Turtlebone, Medina Sod, Jeff Chasse

3/19/05    Irish Pub, Quincy, MA

4/09/05    WBCN Rock and Roll Rumble, Middle East Upstairs, Cambridge, MA w/ Violet Nine, The Hidden, The Marvels

4/29/05    The Attic, Newton, MA w/ Shiner Jones, John Cole

5/05/05    The Fours, Jimmy Fund Benefit, Quincy, MA

5/21/05    Irish Pub, Quincy, MA

5/27/05    Ralph’s Diner, Worcester, MA w/ Bee’s Knees

6/03/05    Middle East Downstairs, Cambridge, MA w/ PCR, Pocketsauce

7/15/05    Milky Way, Jamaica Plain, MA w/Bee’s Knees, Leo Blais

7/30/05    Hop Jam, Hopkinton, MA w/ Shiner Jones, goh, etc.

7/30/05    Milly’s Tavern, Manchester, NH w/ the Gulf, Ulysses

8/08/05    T.T. the Bear’s(Jay & Dave acoustic) w/ the Irreverends

8/19/05    Lizard Lounge, Cambridge, MA Running of the Tree Frogs Week EP Release w/ Summer Villains, Rick Berlin

9/3/05    Sally O’Brien’s, Somerville, MA                       

9/24/05    Lizard Lounge, Cambridge, MA w/ Jeff Harris & the Super Casuals, Milton

10/14/05    PA’s Lounge, Somerville, MA w/ Scuba, Pony, Summer Villains

10/22/05    Clark University, Worcester, MA

11/4/05    The Attic, Newton, MA w/ Shiner Jones

11/18/05    Sally O’Brien’s, Somerville, MA

12/9/05    The Middle East Downstairs, Cambridge, MA w/ The Gulf, Medina Sod, Freightrain

12/31/05    Sally O’Brien’s, Somerville MA w/ Jeff Harris, Super Casuals


1/20/06    Irish Pub, Quincy, MA

1/28/06    Lizard Lounge, Rick Berlin two-day tribute w/ Dresden Dolls, Shelly Winters Project, Leo Blais, Dave Minehan

2/10/06    Harper’s Ferry, Alston, MA w/ Medina Sod, The Howl

3/04/06    Sally O’Brien’s, Somerville, MA

3/18/06    Blue Mermaid, Portsmouth, NH w/ Turtlebone, Nikki Fuller

3/31/06    Pete’s Candy Store, Brooklyn, NY w/ Benjamin Cartel, Milton

4/8/06    Lizard Lounge, Cambridge, MA w/ Shiner Jones, KaiserCartel, and Turtlebone

4/21/06    Ralph’s Chadwick Square Diner, Worcester, MA w/The Bee’s Knees, Dirty Truckers, Preacher Roe

4/29/06    Irish Pub, Quincy, MA

5/07/06    Walk for Hunger, Daley Field, Newton, MA

5/07/06    Mayfair, Harvard Square, Cambridge, MA

5/20/06    Middle East Downstairs, Cambridge, MA Porch & Space CD Release show w/The Gulf, Three Day Threshold, The Collisions

6/16/06    Milly’s Tavern, Manchester, NH w/ Turtlebone, Ulysses 

6/23/06    Milky Way, Jamaica Plain, MA w/ The Motion Sick, Favors for Favors 

7/08/06    AS220, Providence, RI w/ Lucky 57, Country Doctors, Ian Fitzgerald 

7/29/06    Hop Jam, Hopkinton, MA w/ Shiner Jones, Goh, The Snakes, Leon Rich    

8/18/06    Sally O’Brien’s, Somerville, MA w/ Kaiser Cartel 

9/8/06    Lizard Lounge, Cambridge, MA w/Turtlebone, Baker 

9/23/06    Irish Pub, Quincy, MA, Matt & Sharilyn’s post-reception                    

10/13/06    The Attic, Newton, MA w/ Shiner Jones (last show)

10/20/06    Blue Mermaid, Portsmouth, NH w/ Turtlebone          

10/27/06    Tommy Doyle’s, Cambridge, MA w/ Wild Light 

11/17/06    Banjo Jim’s, New York, NY w/ Ben Cartel, Todd Deadarage

12/8/06    Bullfinch Yacht Club, Boston, MA w/Mystic WIP Hustlers, Media, Jimmy Hank Williams & Thunderheads


1/06/07    Lizard Lounge, Cambridge, MA w/ Mike Beck Band, damian Israel shiner, Kaiser Cartel

1/20/07    Sally O’Brien’s, Somerville, MA w/ Turtlebone 

2/03/07    Tommy Doyle’s, Cambridge, MA w/ Casey Abrams 

2/23/07    Jake’s Dixie Roadhouse, Waltham, MA w/ Lorntell

2/24/07    Bullfinch Yacht Club, Boston, MA w/ Boatyard Resin, Medina Sod (CD release)

3/17/07    Banjo Jim’s, New York, NY w/ Benjamin Cartel, the Mericans 

3/31/07    Lizard Lounge, Cambridge, MA w/ damian shiner, Logan 5 & the Runners

4/28/07    Tommy Doyle’s, Cambridge, MA w/ Brad Byrd 

5/6/07    Walk for Hunger, Boston Common, Boston, MA. 

5/18/07    The Attic, Newton, MA 

6/2/07    “Jamaica Plain Spoken” benefit, Spontaneous Celebrations, JP, MA w/ Mittens, Humanwine

6/18/07    TT the Bear’s Place, Cambridge, MA w/ The Gulf, Walter the Orange Ocean, Franklin Kite

6/30/07    Sally O’Brien’s, Somerville, MA

7/21/07    Hop Jam, Hopkinton, MA w/ Max G & the Spots, Shinerjones, Mercy James Gang, Goh 

7/28/07    Middle East Upstairs, Cambridge, MA w/ Lorntell, Lucky 47, Country Doctors

8/24/07    Tommy Doyle’s, Cambridge, MA w/ The Gulf

9/21/07    Lizard Lounge, Cambridge, MA w/ Kaiser Cartel, damian Israel shiner 

9/28/07    Bill’s Bar, Boston, MA w/ Mike McDonald and the Widows

10/11/07    The Grog, Newburyport, MA w/ The Divorced

11/17/07    TT the Bears, Cambridge, MA w/ The Great Bandini, Me and Joan Collins, Something for Rockets 

12/07/07    Tommy Doyle’s, Cambridge, MA w/ Cameron Lister 

12/31/07    Sally O’Brien’s, Somerville, MA w/ Jeff Harris


1/25/08    Lizard Lounge, Cambridge, MA w/ Turtlebone, The Divorced 

2/23/08    Tommy Doyle’s, Cambridge, MA w/ Ron Noyes Band

3/8/08    Pete’s Candy Store, Brooklyn NY w/ Benjamin Cartel, Red River Rollercoaster

3/15/08    Blue Mermaid, Portsmouth, NH w/Turtlebone (last show) 

3/28/08    Oliver’s at Cask ‘n’ Flagon, Boston, MA w/ 28N, Shakyfoot

5/10/08    Tommy Doyle’s, Cambridge, MA w/ The Displayers 

6/06/08    Lizard Lounge, Cambridge, MA w/ The Gulf, Rick Berlin

7/12/08    Hop Jam, Hopkinton, MA w/ Mercy James, Max G & the Spots 

9/05/08    Tommy Doyle’s, Cambridge, MA w/ Moniker    

9/26/08    5 Spices, Quincy, MA    

10/25/08    Midway Café, Jamaica Plain, MA w/ The Resurrectionists, Moss Mountain Project, Milquetoast        

11/07/08    Trinity Catholic High School w/ Shiner Jones

12/12/08    Lizard Lounge, Cambridge, MA w/ Shiner Jones, Jeff Harris 

12/31/08    5 Spices, Quincy, MA


1/16/09    Tommy Doyle’s, Cambridge, MA w/ Raleigh Tavern  

3/13/09    Granite Rail, Quincy, MA

4/10/09    Lizard Lounge, Cambridge, MA w/ Resurectionists

4/25/09    Blue Mermaid. Portsmouth. NH w/ Floodwatch

5/02/09    Middle East Upstairs, Cambridge, MA w/ 3rd Left, Welcome to Florida, Shakyfoot

5/29/09    Tommy Doyle’s, Cambridge, MA w/ Greenline Inbound

6/27/09    KC’s Pub & Grille, Weymouth, MA 

7/25/09    Hop Jam, Hopkinton, MA w/ Goh, Shiner, Mercy James Gang  

7/31/09    Blue Mermaid, Portsmouth, NH 

8/20/09    T.T. the Bears’s, Cambridge, MA w/ Franklin Kite, Science, The Meadowlarks 

9/19/09    Lizard Lounge, Cambridge, MA w/ Shiner Jones, Leo Blais,  Conference CD release show 

9/26/09    Roger Blanza’s 50th birthday party, Elks Lodge, Weymouth, MA 

10/17/09    Tommy Doyle’s, Cambridge, MA w/Paperback 

12/31/09    My House, Quincy, MA


 1/30/10    Lizard Lounge, Cambridge, MA w/ The Resurrectionists,  Blessed Unrest 

3/12/10    Tommy Doyle’s w/ Bonfire Bandits  

4/24/10    Lizard Lounge, Cambridge, MA w/ Deadbeat Darling (NY), Rick Berlin, Boxboro  

5/15/10    Rosebud, Somerville, MA w/ Kingsley Flood

7/02/10    Chase’s birthday show, Quincy, MA

7/09/10    Tommy Doyle’s, Cambridge, MA

7/16/10    Bridgetown Annual Summer Homecoming (B.A.S.H.), Bridgetown, Nova Scotia 

7/17/10    Scanlan residence (private), Bridgetown, Nova Scotia

7/31/10    Hop Jam, Hopkinton, MA

8/27/10    Sally O’Brien’s, Somerville, MA w/ Audrey Can’t Die, Holiday Hillbillies, Monophonic

8/28/10    “Tool Town Live” Upton Square, Athol, MA 

9/18/10    Rosebud, Somerville, MA w/ The Displayers

11/05/10    Tommy Doyle’s, Cambridge, MA

12/11/10    Lizard Lounge, Cambridge, MA w/Jeff Harris, Josh Caress, Deadbeat Darling


1/21/11    Tommy Doyle’s, Cambridge, MA 

3/05/11    Lizard Lounge, Cambridge, MA w/ Sodafrog, Resurrectionists (CD release) 

4/15/11    Rosebud, Somerville, MA w/ Gilded Splinters

4/30/11    Blue Mermaid, Portsmouth, NH w/ Floodwatch

5/14/11    Tommy Doyle’s, Cambridge, MA 

6/04/11    Penalty Box, Providence, RI

6/25/11     Sally O’Brien’s, Somerville, MA w/ damian Israel shiner

8/12/11    Tommy Doyle’s, Cambridge, MA

10/15/11    Lizard Lounge, Cambridge, MA w/ The Wednesdays, Come On Pilgrim

12/06/11    Tommy Doyle’s, Cambridge, MA


3/10/12    Tommy Doyle’s, Cambridge, MA

3/30/12    Sally O’Brien’s, Somerville, MA

5/12/12    Lizard Lounge, Cambridge, MA w/ Grade A Gray Days, The Wednesdays

6/09/12    Tommy Doyle’s, Cambridge, MA

7/06/12    Moe’s Lounge, Somerville, MA

8/11/12    Tommy Doyle’s, Cambridge, MA

10/06/12    Granite Rail Tavern, Quincy, MA w/ Goh  

10/26/12    Moe’s Lounge, Somerville, MA w/ The Displayers, Spearmint Sea 

11/09/12    Mad Bob’s Saloon, Manchester, NH w/ Floodwatch

11/30/12    10th Anniversary of The Difference Is, Lizard Lounge,

    Cambridge, MA w/ Wednesdays, Resurrectionists


1/26/13    Midway Café, Jamaica Plain, MA w/ Nickel & Dime Band 

3/02/13    “From Our Hearts” fundraiser, Fore River Yacht Club, Quincy, MA

4/05/13    Tommy Doyle’s, Cambridge, MA w/ Al and Dale

5/03/13    Granite Rail, Quincy, MA    

6/15/13    Lizard Lounge, Cambridge, MA w/ The Resurrectionists, Western Powers

7/05/13    Tommy Doyle’s, Cambridge, MA

9/15/13    Sally O’Brien’s, Somerville, MA w/Floodwatch, The Displayers 

10/25/13    Tommy Doyle’s, Cambridge, MA w/Alan of Dale

11/22/13    Granite Rail, Quincy, MA (398)