1/16/09    Tommy Doyle’s, Cambridge, MA w/ Raleigh Tavern  

3/13/09    Granite Rail, Quincy, MA

4/10/09    Lizard Lounge, Cambridge, MA w/ Resurectionists

4/25/09    Blue Mermaid. Portsmouth. NH w/ Floodwatch

5/02/09    Middle East Upstairs, Cambridge, MA w/ 3rd Left, Welcome to Florida, Shakyfoot

5/29/09    Tommy Doyle’s, Cambridge, MA w/ Greenline Inbound

6/27/09    KC’s Pub & Grille, Weymouth, MA 

7/25/09    Hop Jam, Hopkinton, MA w/ Goh, Shiner, Mercy James Gang  

7/31/09    Blue Mermaid, Portsmouth, NH 

8/20/09    T.T. the Bears’s, Cambridge, MA w/ Franklin Kite, Science, The Meadowlarks 

9/19/09    Lizard Lounge, Cambridge, MA w/ Shiner Jones, Leo Blais,  Conference CD release show 

9/26/09    Roger Blanza’s 50th birthday party, Elks Lodge, Weymouth, MA 

10/17/09    Tommy Doyle’s, Cambridge, MA w/Paperback 

12/31/09    My House, Quincy, MA