1/09/04    Middle East Downstairs, Cambridge, MA. W/ The Troubadours, Medicine Line, The Upwelling

1/15/04    “’Last Waltz” at Lizard Lounge, Cambridge, MA. w/ Woodpile

2/6/04    T.T. the Bear’s, Cambridge, MA w/ American Girls Club, Fever Monument

2/9/04    An Tain, Boston, MA (Jay and Dave acoustic) w/ Leo Blais

3/20/04    Lizard Lounge, Cambridge, MA w/ The Modele’s, The Ease, Turtlebone

3/27/04    Century Lounge, Providence, RI w/ Floodwaters

4/22/04    Blue Sky Court, Nashville, TN w/ The Ease, Nu Planet

4/23/04    Wall Street, Murfreesboro, TN w/ The Ease                           

5/2/04    Walk For Hunger, Cambridge, MA

5/21/04    Middle East Downstairs, Cambridge w/ Local Radio, Lost Trailers

6/18/04    Lizard Lounge, Cambridge, MA w/ Shiner Jones, The Gulf

6/19/04    O’Donnell’s Tavern, Bedford, NH w/ Turtlebone

7/2/04    PA’s Lounge, Somerville, MA w/ Turtlebone, Buxton, The Verge

7/10/04    Troutbeck Resort, Amenia, NY, Emmett & Danielle’s wedding                                                 

7/29/04    Boston Tea Party II, Milky Way, Jamaica Plain w/ Twinemen, Rick Berlin, Collisions, Concrete Blonde

7/31/04    Hop Jam, Hopkinton, MA (Jay & Dave) w/ Shiner Jones, goh

8/14/04    Blue Mermaid, Portsmouth, NH w/ Turtlebone

8/20/04    Middle East Upstairs, Cambridge, MA w/ Pickups, Grubstake, Caged Heat

8/29/04    Pitt University, Pittsburgh, PA w/ Soulpatch

10/14/04    Harper’s Ferry, Alston, MA w/ Labb, Innate

10/16/04    2nd Cycles Annual Bash, Boar’s Head Tavern, Louden, NH w/ Turtlebone

11/19/04    Blue Mermaid, Portsmouth, NH w/Turtlebone, Great American

12/10/04    Middle East Downstairs, Cambridge, MA w/ Big Toe, Lemonstone, PCR

12/18/04    Piano’s, New York, NY w/ Passenger, Saintface, Nova Social