1/19/02       Sky Bar, Somerville, MA w/ 84 West, Article One, Kelly  Buchanon

2/5/02     Kirkland Café, Somerville, MA w/Mickey Bliss Org., Rex Bell, American Girls Club

2/15/02     Le Bec Rouge, Hampton, NH w/ The Roadies

3/1/02     Sky Bar, Somerville, MA w/Maries’ Children, Love Drops, Superslomotion

3/7/02     The Banshee, Dorchester, MA

3/14/02     The Banshee, Dorchester, MA

3/17/02    The Banshee, Dorchester, MA (St. Patty’s Day)                                                  

3/21/02    The Banshee, Dorchester, MA        

3/28/02    Lowell Brewery Mill, Lowell, MA w/ American Girls Club       

4/8/02    Murphy’s, Quincy, MA

4/23/02    Massachusetts Communications College, Boston, MA

5/31/02    Sky Bar, Somerville, MA

6/8/02    All-Asia Café, Cambridge, MA

6/12/02    Showa University, Jamaica Plain, MA

7/12/02    The Banshee, Dorchester, MA

7/19/02    Sky Bar, Somerville, MA w/ Boatyard Resin

7/20/02    The Kirkland Café, Somerville, MA w/ American Girls Club

7/23/02    The Kendall Café, Cambridge, MA w/ Blue Grazer

8/01/02    The Banshee, Dorchester, MA

8/10/02    Lizard Lounge, Cambridge, MA w/Shelley Winter’s Project, Modeles

8/12/02    Abbey Lounge, Somerville, MA w/ Hip Tanaka

8/16/02    Sky Bar, Somerville, MA w/Dr. Awkward, Goodfoot    

9/14/02    Elm St. Theatre, Somerville, MA w/ American Girls Club

10/3/02    The Banshee, Dorchester, MA

10/4/02    Jacque’s, Boston, MA w/ The Collisions

10/15/02    The Gallery, Bridgewater, MA w/ Firefly

10/24/02    The Banshee, Dorchester, MA

10/25/02    ENC student center aud., Quincy, MA w/ Jordan’s Wake

11/8/02    Lizard Lounge, Cambridge, MA The Difference Is CD release show w/ American Girls Club, The Modele’s, Buxton

11/21/02    The Banshee, Dorchester, MA

12/6/02    The Charles Playhouse, Boston, MA w/ Jeff Harris

12/19/02    The Banshee, Dorchester, MA