1/21/00     Cafe Eclipse, Concord, NH w/ Say ZuZu                    

2/08/00             T.T. the Bear’s, Cambridge, MA                    

2/16/00     Eastern Nazarene College, Quincy, MA w/ Jordan’s Wake                

2/25/00      The Common Ground, Allston, MA w/ 18 Abbey                    

3/04/00      The Fire Escape, Salem, NH                    

3/08/00     The Kirkland Cafe, Somerville, MA w/ Segue, Search Engine                

3/17/00     Cafe Eclipse, Concord, NH w/ Purge DI, Jordan’s Wake                    

3/26/00      Midway Cafe, Jamaica Plain, MA                    

4/11/00     T.T. the Bear’s, w/ Style 17, Buzz Mingler, The Modeles            

4/28/00      Center Coffeehouse, Holden, MA                    

4/29/00     Londonderry Nazarene, NH w/ Jordan’s Wake                    

5/19/00      Ground Zero Coffeehouse, Cambridge, MA                    

5/22/00      The Middle East, Cambridge, MA w/ Kid Tested, Hurricane Jane                

5/25/00      The Banshee, Dorchester, MA                    

6/10/00      Woburn Congregational, Woburn, MA                    

6/14/00     Wallaby’s, Haverhill, MA w/ X15, Buzz Mingler                    

6/22/00      The Kirkland Cafe,  w/ Dr. Awkward, Shady Neighbors            

7/05/00     O’Brien’s, Allston, MA w/ Pony, The Modeles                    

7/11/00      Sky Bar, Somerville, MA w/ Nimmer, One Elle                    

7/12/00      Jehovah Java, New London, CT                    

7/27/00      The Sea Note, Nantasket Beach w/ Pony, Jordan’s Wake                

7/29/00      Wallaby’s, Haverhill, MA w/ A St., X15                    

8/10/00      The Pier, Old Orchard Beach, ME                    

8/11/00      The Pier, Old Orchard Beach, ME                    

8/17/00      Sky Bar, Somerville, MA w/ Fools Rush In, Troy                    

8/19/00      Carpenter’s Workshop, Auburn, MA                    

8/22/00      T.T. the Bear’s w/ Boatyard Resin, Hideous Playthings        

8/26/00      Wallaby’s, Haverhill, MA w/ Buzz Mingler                    

9/23/00     The Great Scott, Allston, MA w/ Fools Rush In, Feedback                

10/13/00      The Beachcomber, Quincy, MA w/ Velvet Jones                    

11/17/00      Sky Bar, w/ Fools Rush In, Cautions, The Halogens            

12/9/00     Sky Bar, w/ Decals, AM Stereo, The Silent Goodbye